We are in process of establishing a software consulting company, which will provide software development services to U.S.A based companies. Our company will operate in Greece and support the U.S.A. clients remotely.

We are looking to identify qualified candidates with software development background that can be available to work on projects as soon as contracts with the clients in the United States are signed. The candidates will get on board and work only for the duration of the projects (as contractors), interfacing directly with the clients and be supervised by our manager locally in Greece.

This is not an offer for a full time employment, rather it is a notice of intent for engaging in the near future developers as contractors, on a per-needed basis. Reimbursement of your services will be on a per-hour basis for the work the contractors will put in for the completion of their assignments (which can range from one week to several months at a time).

The potential projects will require front end and back end software engineers, with 2 to 10 years of working experience, and excellent knowledge of the English language.

If you are interested, you can submit your resume for consideration to Laura Kaikaryte at the email address: laura@eximagent.eu or get in touch via our contact form.