Kramme logoIt was patent in 2006 in Lithuania. From 2008 it was successfully sold in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Moldova. Different components are brought from different countries, then wheel bearing kits are collected and repacked in Lithuania giving kits unique numbers. Kits are collected together with one of the famous trade brands names of oil seals “Corteco”. Package is marked with the sign “collected in EU” and it lets to compete with other European production. There were no spoilage and quality problems with kits. Having investments the trade should be linked to the markets of middle Asia, Georgia. Bearings are certified with POCT certificate up to 2017 February and it is valid in all countries of Eurasian economic union. Bearing kit catalogue and coding are created according unique system, which allows more efficient pricing. There is a special program-platform hosted in the internet server that keeps all information of components, their ordering numbers, cross-references, sized and etc. It is used for creating orders for suppliers and collecting orders for customers. It can be reached via internet with passwords. Also, it can be always edited with addition information.

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